Bath Marea

  • Very light, comfortable and easy to clean
  • Big variety of designs and colors
  • With thermometer
  • Option - bath stand and bath bed
  • Lenght: 102 cm

VKM00012YET yellow turtle
VKM00030OCT octopus white
VKM00041ECR ecru bear
VKM00042BEI beige bear
VKM0140BBLU Balbinka blue
VKM0140BGRE Balbinka green
VKM0140BLIL Balbinka lilac
VKM0140BWHI Balbinka white
VKM0140BYEL Balbinka yellow
VKM0140SBLU Safari blue
VKM0140SGRE Safari green
VKM0140SLIL Safari lilac
VKM0140SPIN Safari pink
VKM0140SYEL Safari yellow
VKM0150CABL Cars blue
VKM0150CARE Cars red
VKM0150FLPE Folk peach
VKM0150FLWH Folk white
VKM0150FLYE Folk yellow
VKM0150OWGR Owls grey
VKM0150PRPI Little Princess pink
VKM0150PRWH Little Princess white
VKM0160LBWH Little Bunnies white
VKM0160RBGO Royal Baby gold - 92 cm

SVM000101SV stand for bath

All models Bath tubs and stands: