Baby bath bed Anita

  • Light, comfortable and easy to clean
  • Anti-slip system
  • Big variety of colors and designs

PZKA0010BLT blue turtle
PZKA0011PIT pink turtle
PZKA0012YET yellow turtle
PZKA0013LIT lila turtle
PZKA0014GRE green turtle
PZKA0030OCT octopus white
PZKA0040WHI white
PZKA0041ECR ecru
PZKA0042BEI beige
PZKA0050BLU aqua blue
PZKA0051PIN aqua pink
PZKA0052GRE aqua green
PZKA0053YEL aqua yellow
PZKA014SBLU safari blue
PZKA014SGRE safari green
PZKA014SLIL safari lilac
PZKA014SPIN safari pink
PZKA014SYEL safari yellow

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