Tricycle Maverick

  • Suitable for children above 1,5 years, weighing up to 25 kg
  • It can be operated by the kid or pushed by an adult
  • The seat rotates so the child can face forward or face the parent
  • Comfortable parent handle adjustable in 3 height positions
  • Front bumper which opens at the front
  • Two footrest for the two positions of the seat
  • One of the footrests is retractable
  • Transforms into a balance bike
  • 3-point safety harness
  • Canopy
  • Front basket for storing kid’s items
  • Backpack
  • Mirror and bell
  • Parking device

TRKMA0169JB jeans blue stamp
TRKMA0163BE beige
TRKMA0165BK black
TRKMA0167RE red
TRKMA0168JP jeans pink stamp

Instructions for use

All models Тricycles, scooters and balance bikes: